What are Some Good Interview Questions When We are Selecting an NCS?

An expectant mother shakes hands with a potential NCS candidate for an interview.

“What? I have to know how to interview an NCS?”

Even the most seasoned human resources experts tends to get a little flustered when it comes to interviewing someone for a job that they as the employer are not even fully sure they understand but having a few key questions to ask along with knowing that the agency has already vetted candidates’ main qualifications can help this process go more smoothly. The biggest key is evaluating if this person seems like a good personality fit, being comfortable with how they would handle a stressful situation and ensuring they support your beliefs around parenting this small new human coming into your life.

We are going to share the top questions and discussion points we suggest that families should ask a potential NCS candidate as they are making a final decision. Of course, knowing as much as you can about the role and what your family needs will make this process easier, but here are a few to help you out.

  • Tell us how you manage supporting a parent who wants to nurse their baby and someone who plans to utilize bottles and/or formula.
  • Have you ever had a conflict with a family you have worked with, and how did you handle it?
  • What are your views on baby sleep and how will you handle it if ours differ or even change after the baby arrives?
  • What do you wish all new parents knew that very few actually do?
  • What do you think I should ask in this interview?

Each of these questions is open-ended and requires not only some thought, but they are more than yes/no questions. It is also important for you as a parent to think about what answers you are hoping to get from these questions and what answers could be a potential red flag that this candidate, even if they are well qualified, might not be the right fit for your family. The more thought you put into this process prior to hiring, the greater the chance that all will go well after.

As an agency, we can offer a list of questions that can help you find the best fit quickly. High quality NCS candidates are in high demand and are contracted quickly, so the more efficient your process is, the greater your chance of hiring the care provider you want. Let us help!

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