Nanny Jobs for New York’s Savviest Nannies

Enthusiastic, knowledgable, empathetic, a finger on the pulse, ability to stay ten steps ahead, eyes in the back of your head, proactive, and playtime expert (of course). Check, check and check! Sound like you? Then you’re in the right place. We present dynamic childcare positions in New York and the Tri-State area that align with your search criteria, utilize your skills and experience, and that consider your location and compensation goals.

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It Takes a Village

Our approach understands that you want more than just a job: it’s all about finding that perfect connection with children and parents that allows you to collaborate successfully and thrive in your role as a supportive member of the household. Everyone on the Nannies by Noa team has worked in childcare positions, so we know what you’re looking for.

Why NbN?

Family in NYC - Nannies by Noa - New York & Tri-State Area Nanny Agency - Newborn Care - Nannying Jobs Near Me

Support for professionals, by professionals:

  • Access to New York’s best families

  • Flexible position availability

  • An advocate for legal compliance and fair compensation

  • Benefits such as paid vacation, sick days, personal days, paid Federal holidays, overnight stipends, travel stipends

  • Job stability with great families seeking long-term commitments

  • Respect for your experience, knowledge, ideas, and input

  • Representation from leading industry experts

  • Support with interview tips, interview questions, resume creation, and resources for continued development

  • Ongoing support throughout and post-placement including resources for becoming a credentialed Nanny or certified NCS


Why Join Our NbN Network?

We know you’re great at what you do and have many choices on how to manage your career. Here are some of the reasons New York City’s savviest nannies choose Nannies by Noa:

Great Families: We specialize in long-term commitments with families who value a meaningful nanny collaboration. Our nannies are respected for their experience, knowledge, ideas, and input.

Always-On Support: Our team ensures you're not alone on your journey, with professional support prior to, during, and post-placement.

Simplified Placements: We manage all the search and placement details: you're in full control of the process, but we relieve the burden of managing it.

Experienced Advocates: Your experience, skills, and passion require an advocate. We can help you make more rewarding and confident decisions about your role, priorities, and compensation.

Diligent Negotiators: Our team supports negotiations for legal, fair compensation, helping you secure an employment package that aligns with the skills you bring to the role.

Professional Development: We're your partner throughout your professional journey. That means help with tax, payroll, nanny-related educational opportunities, and connections to credentialing and professional associations.

child with nanny in NYC - Nannies by Noa - New York & Tri-State Area Nanny Agency - Newborn Care - Nannying Jobs Near Me

No compromises, no cutting corners.

(just crusts… and only by request)

Our nannies are in childcare for the right reasons and have the correct dispositions to work in private family homes. Our deeply insightful three-level evaluation and interview process is designed to spotlight those nannies who represent the best-of-the-best of the applicants who are truly NbN material. An NbN Nanny understands the nuances, is discreet, professional, and up to date on all care best practices.

What Our Nannies Are Saying...

Now Seeking Newborn Care Specialists

Unconditional Support

when a family needs it most.

NbN Newborn Care Specialists and night Nannies provide families with an opportunity to breathe, get some sleep, and enjoy every precious moment as they transition into parenthood – all while enjoying trusted, experienced care that supports a firm family foundation.

newborn with Nanny in NYC - Nannies by Noa - New York & Tri-State Area Nanny Agency - Newborn Care - Nannying Jobs Near Me

Our Application Process in a New York Minute


First, complete an application.

Tri-State experienced? Share your resume, and tell us all about you and what makes you tick! If you have potential for our client families, we’ll be reaching out for step 02.


Next, we have an introductory call.

This is a chance for us to get acquainted and see if we could be a great match. We want to learn more about you, your qualifications & your work history.


It's time for interviews!

Our multi-layered interview process allows us to further understand where you’ll thrive. From there, we’ll collect supporting documents and give you a little homework!


We’ll connect with your references.

On-the-job insights into your caregiving approach help us gain an understanding of your strengths and performance and are the final piece of our evaluation.

Joining Our Network

Our acceptance rate is low and our standards are high. Have you got what it takes?

child with nanny in NYC - Nannies by Noa - New York & Tri-State Area Nanny Agency - Newborn Care - Nannying Jobs Near Me

What Makes an NbN City Savvy Nanny?

On average, only the top 2% of applicants are accepted into our savvy nanny network. That means our nannies are the most qualified and well-vetted childcare professionals in the New York and Tri-State area. Our assessment process extends far beyond the typical background check because we believe that years on the job don’t count if you don’t also bring the chemistry.

Our standards of care for all applicants include:

  • Authorization to work in the United States.
  • A minimum of 5 years of experience as a full-time nanny or a steady part-time nanny.
  • Compassionate, well-suited demeanor for working with children.
  • Exceptional childcare references which attest to strong communication skills, reliability, punctuality, maturity, and the highest emotional intelligence.
  • Ability to commit to a minimum of 1 year for all long-term positions.
  • Education or proven knowledge & experience with children’s growth & development.
  • Readiness to help with light housekeeping and all childcare-related tasks ie: meal prep, organizing, laundry, homework, etc…
  • Pass a comprehensive background check.
  • A polished and professional appearance.
  • Pass a thorough communication assessment including oral and written English fluency along with email proficiency.
  • Special training & certifications, e.g. first aid, CPR & AED, early childhood education, defensive driving, water safety certification, Newborn Care, etc.
  • Four-year accredited university degree and beyond.
  • Driver’s license.
  • Special needs experience, including Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Speech/ Occupational therapy.
  • Flexible schedule & ability to travel (not an enhanced qualification but sought).
  • Fluency in additional languages.
  • Willingness to live-in during the summer months and during periods of travel (not an enhanced qualification but sought).
  • Ability to cover occasional late night and/or overnight needs (not an enhanced qualification but sought).
  • Experience in Kosher homes.

*We reserve the right to discontinue an application at any time and an interview does not guarantee an invitation into our network of nannies.

Childcare is full of questions…

Thankfully, we have some of the answers.

We’ve been right where you are. We don’t just talk the talk, we’ve walked the walk with every member of our team having at one time or another, been a nanny searching for a great family. Our matchmaking works because we consider the needs of all parties involved. We want to get to know you, to understand what makes you tick, and what keeps you motivated, and feeling valued. Only then can we begin to understand with which family and position you’ll thrive.

Our nannies must adhere not only to our standards but also to the recommended practices set by the International Nanny Association (INA), the umbrella organization of the in-home childcare industry.

Our client families are predominantly based in NYC and the surrounding Tri-State areas.

Unfortunately not. We recruit locally experienced candidates for our locally based client families for all of our opportunities including live-in positions. Please be currently residing in NY or the Tri-State area to apply.

Rates vary greatly based on experience, education, skills, languages, and responsibilities. Currently, we see gross hourly rates between $30–$35+. General benefits for full-time Nannies often include 2 weeks of paid vacation, a monthly MetroCard, personal & sick days and most paid Federal holidays. Additional benefits often include overnight stipends and contributions towards health care, commuter costs, and cell phone use. Some families also offer full Health Care and retirement plans!

There are many reasons why we’re unable to proceed with an application. A variety of factors are considered such as a candidate’s location, availability, prior experience, longevity, reference quality, and compensation hopes. Professionalism is assessed throughout our process and we reserve the right to discontinue representation at any time throughout the application process and beyond. Only a small percentage of applicants are accepted into our network for these and other reasons. We do not share references with you or disclose any information provided by your former employees with you.

While this is great experience, we seek career-minded nannies with a desire to work in the field long-term and who have previously provided a full spectrum of private in-home care with a minimum of 5 years of experience. Applicants must have references that speak to a broad knowledge of child development and experience with related tasks such as children’s housekeeping, meal preparation, and laundry.

Our vetting process requires speaking with a minimum of two prior employers in recent childcare positions. Supporting letters of recommendation are wonderful and we encourage you to include them in your profile.

We strongly advocate for legal pay for all nanny professionals. Our client families agree to adhere to all state & local tax and labor laws. To learn why legal pay matters and the benefits it provides you, click here.

One-of-a-kind nannies for one-of-a-kind families.

Dynamic opportunities, each as unique and diverse as the nannies needed to fill them.