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Family resources to help guide your nanny search.

Association of Premier Nanny Agencies

The Association of Premier Nanny Agencies (APNA) is a voluntary membership organization that establishes and enforces standards of professional industry practices. Agencies that put their contracts, forms, applications, and policies up for scrutiny by other agencies are a cut above. They are the best of the best. APNA agencies are accountable not only to families, but to their own trade organization, as well. In your search for the perfect nanny, make sure you are working with an APNA agency.

International Nanny Association

The International Nanny Association (INA), a nonprofit organization, serves as the umbrella organization for the in-home child care industry. INA members include nannies, nanny employers, nanny agencies, educators and industry service providers. Since 1985, INA has worked to professionalize the industry by setting high standards for industry professionals and nanny agencies. INA leverages the expertise of industry professionals from around the globe to help increase awareness about the industry, to develop the professional skills of nannies, and to educate parents about the benefits of hiring a qualified nanny to care for their children.

Hourly Rates and Benefits

Net rates in NYC vary greatly based on experience, education, special skills, additional languages, and job responsibilities. Typically, we see hourly net rates between $30-$35+. General benefits for full-time Nannies often include 2 weeks of paid vacation, a monthly MetroCard, personal & sick days and paid national holidays. Additional information can be provided at the family’s request. Please take the time to review the Bill of Rights for Domestic Employees as outlined by the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs.

Tax and Payroll

GTM Payroll is a comprehensive, one-stop shop for all your household payroll needs. GTM will get you set up as a domestic employer. Then they’ll take care of paying your nanny, preparing taxes, workers’ compensation insurance and compliance with all tax and labor laws. They make it easy, affordable and, best of all, hassle-free!

Family Wellness

LW Wellness Network is a comprehensive family concierge agency focused on whole family wellness. The mission of the company is to provide services that reduce household stresses and promote positive mental health in both families and caregivers. LW Wellness helps match their clients with wellness professionals as well as provide guidance and support to ensure healthy, open and collaborative relationships between all in the home.

Child and Parent Coaching

Parenting Made Joyful offers parent coaching for your little one’s ages newborn through five. Families receive one on one, child-specific guidance to address issues ranging from sleeping through the night to managing tantrums and everything in between. Google searches and FB groups often leave parents feeling confused and overwhelmed. Having a parent coach means you have one dedicated coach who knows your child, knows your family dynamic and is there to give guidance as you need it without the guesswork and opinions of searching online. With 16 years of experience, founder Kylee Sallak has seen it all and enables her clients to feel empowered rather than stressed.

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Your children are your whole world!

A great nanny acts as an extension of you in your absence, supporting your values and preferences, and aligning with your parenting style and philosophies to provide a secure, safe, and united home for your family.