Newborn Care Services for New York's Smallest Residents

Those precious first months after your baby’s arrival are life-changing for everyone. With this new life, comes new challenges, personalities, and metaphorical mountains to climb. A gentle and satisfying transition into parenthood builds stronger and more loving emotional bonds between parents and infants.

Newborn with Nanny in NYC - Nannies by Noa - New York & Tri-State Area Nanny Agency - Newborn Care - Nannying Jobs Near Me

The City may never sleep, but you can with the support of a Newborn Care Specialist.

Our Newborn Care Specialists have both a nurturing demeanor and the practical expertise to reduce stress, manage stable routines, and build a foundation for success that lasts your family a lifetime.

Why NbN?

Newborn in NYC - Nannies by Noa - New York & Tri-State Area Nanny Agency - Newborn Care - Nannying Jobs Near Me

We’re here to help manage all things newborn:

  • We’ll help you select the best postpartum care for your needs

  • Breast & bottle-feeding & guidance

  • Umbilical Cord care

  • Diapering & bathing

  • Create & maintain safe sleep routines

  • Bottle cleaning, preparation & sterilization

  • Care & maintenance of pump parts

  • Babies’ laundry

  • Nursery care, purchasing & organization

  • Monitoring healthy development

  • Compassionate emotional support

and beyond...

Unconditional love meets unconditional support:

  • 12-Hour Day Shift: Coverage for those who work, have other children, or just need an extra set of hands.
  • 12-Hour Night Shift: Support that keeps you and your baby rested and at your best.
  • 24-Hour Full Shift: Round-the-clock professional care that ensures you don’t have to go it alone.

Have a unique scheduling need? We can accommodate.


Skill and experience when you need it most.

Our newborn care families seek those offering not only experience, knowledge, and know-how, but those with the heart and compassion to nurture their baby’s development at a delicate and intimate time in their family’s life.

Authorization to work in the United States.

High-level knowledge and proficiency of best practices in newborn care.

A minimum of 3000 hours or 3 years of cumulative experience with newborns, working in private homes.

NCS training and/or certification.

Infant CPR and First Aid.

Exceptional references which attest to a high level of skill and autonomy in working with newborns.

A clean background to pass our comprehensive background check.

A well-suited demeanor for gently supporting new parents and a polished, professional appearance.

Fluency in both oral and written English and email proficiency with a communication assessment.

NCS with enhanced qualifications are also sought after, including…

  • CACHE accreditation.
  • Doula/NICU or Nursing experience.
  • Lactation and sleep counselor training.
  • New Parent Educator training or other post-partum coursework.
  • Experience supporting culturally diverse families.
  • Four-year accredited university degree and beyond.
  • Flexible schedule & ability to travel.
  • Fluence in additional languages.
Newborn in NYC - Nannies by Noa - New York & Tri-State Area Nanny Agency - Newborn Care - Nannying Jobs Near Me

No Compromises, No Skipped Steps

This is a wonderful time for your family and we’re eager to help you savor every moment of it. Our entire team is trained in the Foundational Newborn Care Specialist Program through Newborn Care Solutions. Our Newborn Care Specialists are here to nurture and support your bond with your child and look to facilitate stable routines and rhythms while setting you up for success before they move on.

What Our Families Are Saying

Our Proven Process in a New York Minute


Let’s start at the very beginning.

Complete our simple form to begin the process and we’ll schedule a complimentary call to talk about your family’s needs.


We make your list & check it twice.

If we’re the right fit, we’ll take a deep dive on a consultation call. Tell us your wish list, and we’ll do the rest!


Say yes to the very best.

We’ll connect you with not only New York’s savviest and most dedicated care providers, but the best of the best!


Interviewed, trialed, ready to hire?

We’ll help you define an offer & work agreement that sets up a strong foundation and incentivizes longevity and transparency.

Newborn with family in NYC - Nannies by Noa - New York & Tri-State Area Nanny Agency - Newborn Care - Nannying Jobs Near Me

An Investment in Your Family

Our Newborn Care Specialists represent an impactful investment in your family’s quality of life.

Newborn Care Specialists (NCS) bring extensive knowledge of early development and are compassionate, open-minded, emotionally intelligent, and adaptable, with a desire to truly support, empower and strengthen attachment for you with your baby in these formative early months.

You can expect to invest:

  • One-time, non-refundable $400 engagement fee;
  • 25% of the Newborn Care Specialist’s gross earnings for the contract period.

Parenting is full of questions…

Thankfully, we have some of the answers.

Fees for NCS and Night Nanny placement are calculated at 25% of the NCS’s gross earnings for the employment period covered.

All applicants are screened in an in-depth 3-part interview process, with 3 individual team members to gain a broad perspective of skills, professionalism, knowledge, communication, acceptance of feedback and the desired demeanor for childcare. We speak with and cross-reference, a minimum of 2 previous employers to assess past performance (Past performance is the best indicator of future performance), as well as a public social media review.

We know safety is your priority; It’s ours too. Our background checks are the most comprehensive available in our industry. We check to a federal level: identity research, multijurisdictional criminal records database, county-of-residence criminal research, country level criminal research, state level criminal record and sex offender research, federal district criminal research.

A la carte options are also available upon request such as: education verification, employment history, CPO’s (civil protective orders) international criminal checks, and 10-panel drug screening. Need a check that you don’t see listed? Just ask!

Due to NYC’s ‘Fair Chance Act’, we are no longer able to run or disclose any criminal background check information, including motor vehicle checks (in NYC) on any applicant prior to receipt of an accepted, conditional offer of employment.

Rates vary based on the specific postpartum care requested and the skill set of the provider. Typically we see NCS rates from $40-$50 per hour.

Most NCS request a booking deposit or retainer for setting aside time to support your family. Typically we see minimum retainers equal to 4 weeks of pay, but often as high as 25% of the total contract.

While Night Nannies have ample newborn and infant experience, they are supporting a plan created by the parents. An NCS creates the plan and schedules for the family, often educates the parents, and has extensive newborn care training. they are experts in all things baby!

Your children are your whole world!

A great NCS empowers you, supporting your values and preferences, and aligning with your parenting style and philosophies to provide a secure, safe, and united home for your family.