How soon should you begin your search for an NCS?

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Many clients wait until a few weeks before their baby is born to begin their search for an NCS and then are surprised with how limited their options are. Most have no idea of how “hot” the market is for qualified candidates and how far in advance they actually should start their search. The reality is that a quality NCS can oftentimes be booked months (9 or more!) in advance. How is that even possible you might ask. Well here is how: often if a family has had the benefit of an NCS prior, they know the value of the help the NCS provides and their second call, right after “honey, I am pregnant” is to check their prior NCS’s availability. And believe it or not, many clients who are undergoing fertility treatments will actually ask an NCS to pencil them in prior to their fertility procedures! Many even schedule those procedures around the availability of a specific NCS they want for their family.

Sometimes families expecting their first child will reach out about it, and if they are hearing the name of a specific NCS more than once in their local parenting groups, will work to secure that NCS early on in the process. Those that plan ahead have the most options for sure.

Does that mean if you are later to the game, you cannot find a quality NCS? Absolutely not! In fact, our agency has a number of NCS candidates who prefer to only do short-term or fill-in placement work and therefore do not book out as far in advance. And of course, sometimes a booked client will have a change in circumstances and an NCS that was booked becomes available. And finally, we as an agency are always actively seeking out the highest quality candidates to add to our roster, so we may have someone amazing who just joined our team and is ready to serve your family.

In an ideal world, searching for and securing your NCS is done early in a pregnancy, but even at the last minute, our agency works hard to help you find qualified and experienced candidates to help support your growing family. Contact us today for more information on our process and to get your NCS search started.

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