What Can an NCS Do for Your Family in a General Sense?

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Part of what an NCS can offer your family will depend on two main factors; what you want/need done and what that particular NCS is willing to do.

If you are considering hiring a newborn care specialist for your family after the arrival of your newborn, having an idea of what they do and do not do and what is realistic with a newborn in the house can help you not only decide if having an NCS is right for you, but also knowing what to expect.

Part of what an NCS can offer your family will depend on two main factors; what you want/need done and what that particular NCS is willing to do. Taking the time to really think about what would be most beneficial for you is key. Are you someone who cannot stand seeing laundry in a basket? Then make sure and communicate in your job description that baby laundry is required. Of course, this almost immediately begs the question, ‘Will the NCS do family laundry?’ and the answer is varied. As a rule of thumb, family laundry does not fall under the scope of duties for an NCS, but if they are cross-trained as a postpartum doula or just happen to like folding laundry, then they might be willing to do it. But this would usually fall under the “wishes” category and not the job requirements category. What if you are someone who hates cooking but knows you need to eat well in order to recover from birth? Again, while cooking for a postpartum client or family is not necessarily part of a specific NCS position, some NCS are happy to do so, so you can request it if it matters to you.

The role an NCS does play, however, and that is part of their job duties, is taking care of your baby, teaching you about your new baby, teaching you how to care for your baby and providing you the support and time you need to recover well from the arrival of your new little bundle. This can include bathing, feeding, swaddling, facilitating good sleep, bringing the baby to you to nurse or for a bottle feeding, taking back over after feeding so that you can return to focusing on rest and recovery, educating you on development and milestones, monitoring the baby for signs they are doing well, alerting you to any potential concerns so that you can check in with your healthcare provider and teaching you how to do all of these things as well so that you grow your confidence and capabilities as a new parent. In other words, they help you adapt to this new role, all the while supporting you and your baby as you do it. We often say a newborn care specialist is ‘the modern village”. So talk to us and allow us to share with you how a newborn care specialist can benefit your family based on your specific needs and wants. Families who have experienced the assistance of a high-quality NCS say it made all the difference in their recovery and experience as new parents. From a family with an NCS: “We’re so glad to have a pro on our side to help us LEARN how to care for our baby and not just throw technology at the situation.”

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