What can an NCS offer your family in terms of setting everyone up for success around good sleep habits?

Tired mother coaxing baby to sleep in a bassinet.

Wait, an NCS can help with good sleep habits? This question is one we hear all the time, and the answer is yes. When done right, and in support of your child’s biological needs, along with your families preferences, a well-trained Newborn Care Specialist can be the difference between a sleeping baby (and therefore family) and one who is exhausted from being awake off and on all night.

Of course, it is important that your NCS have an understanding of biologically normal sleep and is always responding to and meeting your baby’s needs, but did you know that if this is done well, then your baby will very likely sleep through the night, on their own, when their body is ready to do so, without anyone having to cry? It is a myth that you have to ignore your baby’s needs or their cries in order to get them sleeping well, and a qualified NCS will know the steps (and teach them to you!) to achieve this all while respecting your family and your desires for your baby and providing you the opportunity to sleep, rest and recover from the birth of your child.

Sounds like a win-win for everyone, and it absolutely can be. A qualified NCS will have training, knowledge and experience in setting you all up for success in this area, as well as many others such as lactation, important behaviors and milestones, etc… In other words, you can have a new baby and be getting some good quality sleep when you have the proper support in place, and an NCS is absolutely one way that can happen.

One newborn care specialist said it this way: “By providing rest, recovery and support to a new mother and baby. With a plan in place from the beginning, she will always be well rested and avoid pitfalls of desperate and sometimes dangerous sleep habits out of her own desperation for sleep.” Let us help you find the right fit for your family!

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