Katelyn’s Tips for Remote Learning

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A former elementary teacher, Katelyn shares teacher tips on how to navigate remote learning!

1. Create a clean workspace that is distraction-free!

Keep this space designated as a place for schoolwork only! When school hours are over, feel free to clean it up and turn it into an arts and crafts space or gaming space. It is important to have an area, similar to a desk at school, that students know is their official workspace, and that fun time will come later! I like to “spice up” my work area with a bright table cloth and a few flowers!

2. Allow your child to take breaks and take them as often as needed!

In class, students are not studying all day, every moment in the classroom! Teachers offer several “brain breaks” and opportunities to move their bodies! Brain breaks are crucial for promoting productivity. If you notice your child is struggling to stay focused or losing motivation, encourage a break from their school work but make sure it does not go too long! I love using a kitchen timer, so students can have ownership of their own break and the freedom to do as they please until the timer goes off!

Here is a fun, child-friendly timer that I used in my classroom. Children love timers that provide a clear visual!

3. Less is more!

Remember, this is new, unchartered territory for teachers as well. They are not trying to replicate the school day, because that is just not possible! Kids still need to be kids and families should enjoy this special, yet crazy, time together! Teachers are not looking for perfection. They are looking for the best effort! Online learning will never replace the feel and productivity of the classroom, so just encourage your littles to do their absolute best, as that is all anyone can ask for during this time! A positive attitude goes a long way!

Stay tuned for more tips from our team in the coming days! Hang in there, everyone!

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