Noa’s Tips for Remote Learning

Noa's Tips for Remote Learning

Noa shares her best tips as she navigates school online!

Our admin team is made up of three awesome girl bosses!

While most know our CEO Jo as the nanny-matchmaking superstar, what you may not know is she goes home to four kids after her tireless days hard at work!

When not working on the company, our founder Noa is a student at Brown University studying Cognitive Neuroscience!

And, our incredible office manager, Katelyn is a former elementary school teacher!

These ladies make up the perfect student, parent and teacher trio to get you through this time of quarantine and remote learning. This week, they’ll be sharing their best advice and routines for parents, caregivers, educators, and of course children.  

Today, Noa shares 3 ideas for remote learning.

1. Use Blue Light Glasses!

Remote learning means lots more screen time. This can cause some eye strain and headaches. So, whenever I use a screen, I wear blue light glasses. Disclosure: the effectiveness of blue light glasses is still being researched, however many experts believe they do make a difference, and lots of people (including myself!) agree.

For grownups, I love these J.Crew glasses, and for kiddos, check out the cute selection from Jonas Paul or these ones from Amazon 

2. Get Dressed in Real Clothes!

Whenever I have exams, I always wear “real outfits” — as much as I want to wear leggings and a sweatshirt, I go for jeans and a sweater. I’m a firm believer that comfy clothing will signal to my brain and body that it’s time to slow down and relax. So, when we’re learning from home, we want to make sure that kids get dressed for the day out of their PJs, to signal that even if our environment is different than what we’re used to, it’s time for business (somewhat) as usual. 

3. Use Your TV for Screen Mirroring!

I really do believe that environmental cues make a huge difference to our learning, focus and productivity, especially for little ones. We think of our computers and tablets as interactive devices. So, when I have a prerecorded class or even a live one, I mirror it onto my TV (using Airplay). I find that we consider TVs and large screens to be devices where we are meant to watch and listen, instead of typing and clicking away on our computer. This stops me from browsing the internet with class on in the background on my computer, and instead I listen and focus on the TV screen while taking notes with pencil and paper.

Stay tuned for more tips from our team in the coming days!

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